360° feedback

What is 360° feedback?

Our multi-source appraisal called 360 degree feedback has been available at the market since the spring of 2007.

We - one of the first consultant companies in the Hungarian market - developed an assessment system which is accessible via the Internet and at any time can be tailored to our costumers' individual requirements.


multi source appraisal

Benefits of 360° feedback

  • online, internet based, easy to fill in, ensures maximum time flexibility to the busy employee as well as  the manager
  • supported by thorough follow-up, the results evaluated by our experts
  • detailed users' manual helps the filling process
  • graphical interface makes the filling procedure easy-to-follow and transparent
  • we guarantee anonymity
  • we have the 360 degree software developed, we can quickly desing & develop additional features
  • wide variety of competence sets, adapting to the client's preferred competence system, you may pick up your own preferred competences
  • for advanced customers: almost all parameters can be customised
  • for high & quick performers: choose one of the ready made templates and act immediately


  • A famous Czech brewery started to use the 360 degree system in 2010. Since then each year they use our 360 degree software for  yearly performance feedback in 7 CEE countries. Due to the excellent co-operation we developed a semi-automatic pre-selector enabling participants to be more involved in the process.
  • A Reputed IT – telecommunication firm chose our 360 system for 2 years in 2013-2014 to measure it’s teamleaders and department leaders using their own selected competencies.
  • Slovenia biggest supermarket-chain voted for 360 degree when they won an EU tender to measure and develop their store staff’s work-related competencies.