FineFit Entry

What is FineFit Entry?

FineFit Entry is a data collecting application, the first step when communicating with applicants.

Thanks to this system the time-consuming administration is optimized, the most suitable applicants are identified faster and more efficiently, HR branding develops and time requirement of the pre-selection period falls due to the more detailed administration.

FineFit Entry is not only an online application form, but also a decision support system.

applicant data collecting application

How does it work?

The system uses a customized questionnaire which needs to be filled in by the applicants. The questionnaire measures hard and soft skills on flexible scales, of which certain factors can be redesigned even in the middle of the project.

The applicant data is stored in a database and ranked by the individual scores (computed from the answers). The results are summarized on a single page, showing the most suitable candidates' profiles. Those applicants who do not meet your expectations can be refused by one click, while CVs of the best candidates can be sent to the line managers easily.

FineFit Entry is the ideal solution for you, if:

  • you expect a mass of applicants at the company’s own website or at an external job boards;
  • you are still receiving applications via e-mail and eager to set up an own career site;
  • you would spare the time of reading through CVs that don’t even satisfy the basic criteria;
  • you would like to assess you applicants in detail with a questionnaire that you have designed using own answers' weights, multiply-choice questions, free-text questions or even language tests;
  • you can use our ready-made templetes, if you don't want to bother with customisation;
  • you want to see all your candidates ranked in one place, but also have the option to drill down to specific data in an easily editable Excel table;

Is it really that efficient?

  • just imagine: painstakingly reading & selecting 100 - 200 - 500 CVs one by one or using Finefit Entry and only double checking a couple of applications from the most suitable ones?