What is FineFit?


FineFit is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) application which simplifies and supports the recruitment and selection processes, and helps to follow-up the data-flow.


FineFit Entry
customizable candidate pre-selection application

FineFit Person
candidate database software
FineFit360° / HILL360°
online 360° feedback tool

How does it work?

FineFit is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

All FineFit Programs are cloud-based, which means that no program needs to be installed to the user’s computer. All you need is a standardized browser, as every downloaded document opens in its own application (e.g.cvs, cover letters, test results, etc.).
FineFit is available from desktop computer, notebook and even via mobile phone (tested mainly for Android OS).

FineFit can be a beneficial long-term solution not only because of its flexible framework, but due to the easy and immediate launch as well, which doesn’t require any involvement from your company’s IT department. IT expertise is unnecessary even during later operation thanks to automatic updates.

FineFit modules are primarily cloud based, if necessary standalone versions are also available. 

Who develops it?

HILL International Hungary is behind Finefit. HILL International Hungary is part of Europe’s leading HR company:HILL International Hungary

HILL International.


We at HILL Hungary are continuously developing & finetuning all Finefit tools to fit your needs. To be more precise: we are only designing the software and a professional IT company crafts the code. All-in-all 6 professionals, 3 HILL experts plus 3 programmers invested 5 years of time & energy to create and test FineFit.

More than 12,000 applicants used already the login screen till December, 2013.


Zsolt Fazekas

Senior Consultant, Product Manager


finefit@hill.hu   or via   HILL International