FineFit Person

What is FineFit Person?

FineFit Person is a candidate database system which allows you to handle the applicant tracking on a daily basis.

HR database systemApart from enabling you to store, systemise and retrieve data of your suitable candidates, FineFit Person also supports the communication with the applicants as well. Your colleagues and even line managers themselves are able to simultaneously browse through the files of the candidates and can have various access levels. Unique filter options facilitate a quick search for the most suitable candidate in the database and easy involvement of previous applicants in new search processes.

How does it work?

Data can be entered manually or automatically imported via FineFit Entry. Other documents (CV, memo, references, cover letter, test results) can be attached to the applicants' records. Search is facilitated with a detailed filter and candidates can be notified with one click. Reports in csv or html format are available about people and projects too.

FineFit Person is the ideal solution for you, if:

  • you are planning to create an online career site;
  • you receive job applications via a central e-mail address and they are only sorted out traditionally;
  • you receive applications via an online system, but they are not saved, so can’t be retrieved later;
  • you recruit employees to several permanent vacancies at the same time via various job sites and handling applications becomes difficult and ambiguous;
  • not only the HR, but also other line managers are involved in the recruitment process and discussing candidates via e-mail is difficult, takes too much time or can’t be followed by the hiring manager;
  • the applicants are notified via e-mail only one by one;
  • some candidates are not notified at all due to time constraints or because they don’t fit the position;
  • you need a solution which doesn't require long implementation and is compatible with your existing system;
  • you want a system which is in the cloud, so you don't need to redesign your IT systems;
  • easy to plan costs -> quarterly fixed invoicing.


A well-known Danish manufacturing company selected Finefit Person for its candidate application management & database software. On top of the standard Finefit Person we have an additional career microsite developed for our client. Since the full service launch in late 2011 more than 8,000 applicants registered into the client’s Finefit Person database.

FineFit Person was designed by a well-known international headhunting firm with 25 years of experience of search & selection in Hungary. Unlike most of the ATS softwares on market, FineFit Person was born to support the hiring process. We put more emphasis on the search motor and the database structure than any other products.